[Anime] Kimi to Boku

Plot :

The story revolves around four teens — the good-looking twins Yuuta and Yuuki Asaba, the effeminate Shun Matsuoka, and the class head Kaname Tsukahara — who have known each other since early childhood. While they are not necessarily good or bad friends, they continue to hang out well into high school. The half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru Tachibana joins the circle of friends in this comedy about the everyday life of adolescence.

Characters :

Yuuta Asaba (浅羽 悠太 Asaba Yūta)
Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama , Drama CD: Yuki Kaida
The elder twin brother of Asaba twins who studies at Homare High School. His differentiating feature from his younger brother is his centre divided bangs, as well as wearing the usual school uniform in the winter. Yuuta and his brother are identical and are both popular among girls. Due to him helping others without thinking of himself, Yuuta became popular during Elementary School. Though both come off as mono-toned and passive, Yuuta expresses himself more than his younger twin. He is also more mature than Yuuki and the others, and though he rarely voices his entire thought process, he is very observant. He cares deeply for his brother, and he doesn’t want to make choices for him. He is in the same class as Shun. Aside from Yuuki, Yuuta cares for Shun, as do the rest of the group. Together with Shun, he is a member of the tea ceremony club. During Junior High, he joined the Kendo club – a considerably skilled swordsman and he can run fast too. He is called “Yuutan” by Chizuru.
Yuuki Asaba (浅羽 祐希 Asaba Yūki)
Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura , Drama CD: Junko Minagawa
The younger twin brother who also studies at the same school as Yuuta. His bangs are down. Same as his brother Yuuta, he enjoys annoying Kaname with their constantly dry remarks. He has a hobby of reading manga and anime magazines; his favorite magazine is “Animeja”. He played a numbers game which he called, “Mission” at a local game center and eventually became good at games. He is talented in many things, like cooking, Basketball and Judo, but he doesn’t particularly enjoy any of them, only putting effort into things if there’s something in it for him. He constantly makes trouble with his indifferent personality. When walking together, he will often rest his head on Yuuta’s shoulder. Although he tried to come off as indifferent, he opposed the idea of Yuuta getting a girlfriend. He’s not particularly interested in either study and sport. His notes are always very close to the red-mark, which is only prevented by reading Yuuta’s notes early in the mornings before exams. He’s popular with girls, but has an awkward situation with them, as he is weak to perfume and make-up scents, which make him nauseous. He was forced into joining the manga club by his friends. He is in the same class with Chizuru and Kaname. He seems to be aware that Chizuru likes Masaki. Chizuru calls him “Yukki”.
Shun Matsuoka (松岡 春 Matsuoka Shun)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Toyonaga , Drama CD: Minami Takayama, Rie Kugimiya (young)
At the beginning of the series, Shun had long hair, as well as feminine hobbies and speech patterns, which resulted in many people mistaking him for a girl (including Chizuru). Shun likes to use keigo and he is usually the one who tries to calm down situations. He cried often as a young child. Despite his otome-like nature, he is quite slow in things like love. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. He is the only iyashikei or “some who makes others feel cheerful” of the group.
Kaname Tsukahara (塚原 要 Tsukahara Kaname)
Voiced by: Yūki Ono , Drama CD: Kenichi Suzumura, Romi Park (young)
The glasses guy of the group. He is the top of the class, a Student Council member, and the Class Representative of their class. He is in the same class as Yuuki and Chizuru. He is the wealthiest among his friends as often pointed out by Yuuta and Yuuki. He has a short temper and often gets mad by his friends’ foolish actions. Kaname was in love with his kindergarten teacher, Kaori-sensei, which the twins enjoy teasing him about and wanted to be like a guy named Kouichi, who later became his high school teacher, Azuma-sensei. He also seems to have a crush on his neighbor Hisako’s elder sister Shizuna. Chizuru often calls him “Kanamecchi”.
Chizuru Tachibana (橘 千鶴 Tachibana Chizuru)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino , Drama CD: Junko Takeuchi
The half-Japanese transfer student from Germany. For a half foreigner, he is quite short and has a complex about his height. He is noisy, cheerful and a bit of an idiot. He also made nicknames for the boys and Masaki. With Yuuki, Chizuru often makes Kaname mad and usually ends up getting hit by him. Some years ago he came to Japan for a short time and met Yuuki at a park. As a little kid he did not know any Japanese, but when he later moved to Japan during the second year of high school he was already fluent in Japanese. Chizuru likes girls but has no experience with them. He has a crush on Masaki.
Masaki Satou (佐藤 茉咲 Satō Masaki)
Voiced by: Miyuki Satō , Drama CD: Chiwa Saitō
A first year student who bullied Shun for some days. She seems to have a little crush on him after he helped her. Shun is the only person she smiles and is friendly to. She has a small figure and has cute, fluffy hair, resulting in Chizuru nicknaming her “Mary” because she reminds him of a sheep. Just as Shun is oblivious to Masaki’s crush on him, Masaki is oblivious to Chizuru’s crush on her.
Screen Caps of the anime :


The anime of Kimi to Boku has 2 season. You can download every epsiode in season 1 and 2 in 


 or in 


You can filled up your holiday with watch this anime! I already watch this anime until the end yeah \m/ and this anime is cool! Well.. I love Kaname and Yuuttan and I ship Chizuru and Mary as my best otp^^


[VOCALOID] Hatsukoi Gakuen Jun’aika – Gumi, Kagamine Rin&Len

初恋学園・純愛科 | Hatsukoi Gakuen Jun’aika | First Love Academy

Lyrics : Nem
Arrangement : Nem
Composition : Nem
Movie&Art : Tama
SInger : Gumi, Kagamine Rin and Len



Benkyou mo undou mo zenzen dame na boku dakedo
Mi no hodo shirazu anata ni koi wo shimashita
Ichidaikesshin! Nanasen hyaku-ji no love letter!
Dakedo tewatasu yuuki ga nai no desu…

Nee, shisen ga barebare yo
Nee, youji nara iinasai yo!

Etto, ano etto…
Totemo ii tenki desu ne!
Kyou mo heiwa de yokatta na~!

Doushite furueteru no?
Sore ni nani kakushiteru no? (!!!!)
Misenasai! Hora! (Dameeee!!)

Goran, boku kara afuredasu charisma no aura
Necktie wa mochiron Bayberry no tokuchuu sa!
Nani sore kiita koto mo nai hen na brand
Sore ni kyoushitsu de bara kuwaenaide yo ne!

Nee, kondo no nichiyou tte sa…
Aa, narai gotoyo mata kondo ne!

Aa, perfect na boku ga kowai no, Koneko-chan?
Joushi no jealousy nara shikatanai no sa
Sono konkyou no nai jishin chotto dake urayamashii wa
…Mou yuugure ne.

…Kore wa osananajimi no saenai Kohitsuji-chan (!!)
Kanojo wa boku to oshaberichuu daze?
Kore ja dame da, mou hetare nante yobasenai!
Kaichou! Kono tegami, yonde kudasai!


「Sono kinu no you na kami ga kaze ni nabikutabi」
「Boku no kodou wa takanari….honyarara」
Bunsai wa nakanaka da na dakedo kanojo wa boku wo erabu
…Naa, sou darou?

Akireta futari ne henji wa saa, dou deshou
Dakedo, hitotsu omotteru koto wa ne
Konna baka mitai na hibi ga
Zutto zutto itsu made mo tsuzukeba ii na…

(Uun, nande mo nai…)




[English Translation]

I’m just a guy who’s no good at studies and sports
But I fell in love with an overachiever like you, President
I then decided! I wrote a love letter of 7,100 characters!
But I still don’t have the courage to hand it to you…

Hey, I can feel you looking at me.
Hey, if you have something to say, then spill it out!

Um, well…umm…
It’s…such a nice weather today, isn’t it!
It’s nice that it’s so peaceful today~!

Why are you trembling?
And…what are you hiding behind you? (!!!)
Come on, show me! (Nooo!!)

Look, my charisma is overflowing as usual
And my necktie is naturally specially-made from Bayberry!
What’s that brand, I’ve never heard of it
Also, don’t go around with a rose in your mouth while in the classroom!

Hey, this Sunday…
Oh, I have to attend to my lessons, maybe next time!

Ahh, are you scared of my perfect self, my kitten?
Well, it’s inevitable that girls will be jealous of you, too.
Having such self-confidence, somehow I feel a bit envious
Oops, it’s already sundown, huh.

Oh, it’s the not-so-smart childhood friend, little lamb!
I’m having a chat with her now, okay.
This seems hopeless, but I don’t want to be called incompetent again!
President, here, please read my letter!


“Your silk-like hair flowing in the breeze,
Makes my heart race… l-lalalala….”
Wow, you’re pretty good with words,
But she has already chosen me, right?

How to answer these two…what do I do…?
But, I can only think of one thing right now
Can’t we continue being together like this forever?
Being foolish like this day by day

(Oh…it’s nothing…)